Farenco Shipping is headquartered in Singapore, with numerous operations as well as financial functionality
in the Chinese mainland. Since its early days as a China-based startup, Farenco has strived to develop into a
global-thinking shipping company. The company started its chartering operations in Singapore in 2008 and
was ratified as a legal entity by the Singaporean Government under the registered capital of US$10 million.
Since then, Farenco has obtained approval by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) under the
Approved International Shipping Enterprise (AIS) scheme, and is also a member of the Baltic Exchange, with which it maintains good relations.

As a fully integrated and diversified shipping company, Farenco Shipping has a long-standing reputation of
honesty, trust-worthiness and efficiency in the shipping scene. With over 20 years of combined industry
experience, Farenco’s management team has developed the company globally and with focus in the dry-bulk shipping sector.