13 Jun, 2018

On 12.Jun.2018, Farenco Shipping and PETRONAS LNG, a subsidiary of Malaysian oil company PETRONAS, has delivered its liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo through its maiden break bulking ship-to-ship (STS) transfer in Brunei Bay.

The cargo from Malaysia LNG (MLNG), Bintulu was transferred from the ‘mother’ vessel, Seri Bijaksana to the ‘daughter’ vessel, SS Lucia Ambition, where the cargo from SS Lucia Ambition and remaining cargo in Seri Bijaksana will subsequently be delivered to respective buyers.

Today’s Asian buyers prefer to grow their LNG business gradually, by importing smaller parcels of LNG, moving away from the traditional mode of long term supplies over a specific term. As the first solver of STS operation in Brunei Bay, Farenco shipping is able to meet the diversified requirement of new markets and non-traditional buyers who face operational constraints at their terminals.

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